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Click on the NAVIANCE icon above to log in to your account! 


You should be accessing your account through your FCS ClassLink. You do not need registration codes to do so. Look for the teal icon that says Naviance-Stu:


You can do the following in your Naviance account:

  • Research Scholarships

  • Research Colleges

  • Correspond with Colleges

Access to most commonly used Application Platforms and additional information, click HERE.

HOW TOComplete your FERPA Waiver on CommonApp:

  1. If your school uses Naviance to submit school forms (we do), students will submit the FERPA release authorization within the CommonApp account, not their Naviance account.

  2. The student must complete the education section within the CommonApp FIRST, then complete the FERPA release authorization.

  3. The FERPA release authorization is found within the Recommenders and FERPA section of the 'My Colleges' tab, and the 'release authorization' link must be checked with the FERPA decision.

  4. Students can only see the Recommenders and FERPA section once they've added at least one school to their application.

  5. Students must add counselors and teachers through NAVIANCE but must add other recommenders and advisors (non-counselor or non-teacher) through CommonApp.

  6. Counselors and teachers will log in through their Naviance account to complete recommendation forms.

Naviance Help Videos:

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