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Credit Recovery (FCCR or GVCR)

Online course students work on independently on their own time and complete at their own pace. Credit Recovery classes are only offered during the regular school year and are taken in addition to the 6 classes in the student’s regular schedule. Classes can be worked on in 2201-A with Mrs. Bendall OR in the Media Hub.

  • Criteria: Student must have already attempted and failed a course

  • Cost: Free for first attempt.

    • If GAVS course expires, there is a $25 reactivation fee

  • Register: See your counselor in the counseling suites for a credit recovery contract

  • Please note: If you are a student-athlete who needs to recover a failed course and wants to remain eligbile for NCAA, you must recover your failed course through FVS, GAVS, or re-take the course at Milton. NCAA does not recognize FCCR or GVCR to recover failed credit. 

Sign up for Credit Recovery by completing the form linked here:

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